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Helping Hands Therapy Services: Chemical Free and Natural Living Products
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My Shaklee Story


Wellness and Health today are shifting to more natural and holistic alternatives. After some personal experiences and trials, I decided I wanted to make some needed changes for myself and my family. I started to become more concerned about environmental toxins and the effect that things such as cleaning products and medications were having on myself and my family.  I started looking for alternatives.  A friend introduced me to Shaklee. 

I slowly started implementing more natural remedies for wellness and illness prevention. I was amazed at the effectiveness of natural remedies. We changed what we were eating to be more “whole foods” and eliminated the majority of processed foods and sugar from our diets. We starting using supplements and added essential oils to our daily routine. By using natural remedies, including essential oils, diet changes, and chemical free products, we have become less reliant on (and in some cases eliminated the need for) counter medications, prescription drugs, and household products.  Shaklee has been a huge part of us "going green".